TEGG Maintenance

GroupMetropolitan were approached to develop a predictive and preventative testing regime for a large data centre client in Essex. The client wanted a solution that inspected their infrastructure from source of supply to final circuits whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations and maintaining 100% uptime. Team TEGG carried out extensive surveys and generated a proposal that met all of these requirements.

Using the range of technologies available to us, we proposed a non-intrusive ultrasonic and infrared thermal survey of main LV distribution equipment from incomers to comms room PDUs. We then carried out Earth Fault Loop Impedance tests on final circuits, either on spare commando outlets or spare ports on data rack power strips providing all results as part of our detailed report. As part of the surveys, we have found and rectified a number of issues, including:

  • Poorly connected underfloor busbar
  • High Earth Fault Loop readings at downstream equipment fed from PDUs
  • Poor earthing on data racks
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  • Client
    Private Client
  • Value
    £96k per annum
  • Duration
    Since 2019
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