Replacement of main electrical infrastructure

GroupMetropolitan were approached by a longstanding data centre client on Canary Wharf to assess and improve the level of resiliency provided across their facility. With a large portion of the facility originally designed as single source supply, they wanted to improve their offering for potential new tenancy agreements and maximise use of the spare supply capacity.

Team Design began with a detailed assessment of the current arrangement of all four incoming power stream, completing a detailed load map to understand the demand across the facility under each failure scenario and Single Point of Failure (SPOF) analysis to understand where improvements to the infrastructure were needed. In tandem with this, a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment was completed to ensure the final approach was considerate to the future life span of the installation and align where possible with end of life expenditure.

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A detailed strategy was developed which involved replacement of end of life Switchpanel and UPS equipment, upgraded to cope with additional load and the relocation of supply origins to ensure the system could continue to operate under each failure scenario.

Working in collaboration with Team Critical, detailed strategies were produced and implemented, utilising temporary supplies to facilitate the proposed works. With the facility remaining operational at all times, it was vital that no down time was experienced by the existing customers.

Utilising the additional resilience provided at each phase of the works, the strategy has been delivered in stages over the past 2 years, tied directly to the planned life cycle expenditure with minimal uplift in costs. Each stage has been successfully delivered with no unplanned loss in supply and limited reduction in system resilience.

The end result will generate additional revenue for the facility with additional N+N capacity provided, resulting in a more resilient and maintainable facility that will serve them until the end of their current lease agreement.

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  • Client
    Telstra International
  • Value
  • Duration
    8 Months (over 4 years)
  • Procurement Route