Fire Alarm Replacement

Our client approached us to negotiate a critical fire alarm replacement project as part of our ongoing framework agreement.

GroupMetropolitan were selected as the preferred Management Contractor due to our experience in managing projects within live working environments and the existing building infrastructure. An initial employers requirements document had been produced by the client, with the Design and Build responsibility falling to our Team Electrical.

Team Electrical subsequently worked alongside the incumbent Fire Alarm contractor (Siemens) to develop a detailed design and phasing strategy for the replacement of the landlords infrastructure, including:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Landlord Demise Detection Device Upgrade
  • PAVA System
  • Fire Telephones System Upgrade

Our primary objective was to migrate the live fire alarm system with complex cause and effects with limited disruption.

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We extrapolated the existing cause and effect matrix to mitigate the operational disruption to the bank’s staff versus the conventional method of testing each device and zone, managing incoming signals and alerts to the panel in a live environment. We worked with Siemens to develop a strategy where the proposed fire alarm system was replicated in an area of the basement, completing a Factory Acceptance Test with the client in attendance. This enabled a plug and play methodology, capturing risk and possible disruption prior to the installation of the new panels in their final location.

As expert delivery partners and with our proposed specialist installation team, we prioritised the control indicating equipment as a critical asset for migration. Prioritising the control indicating equipment scope enabled the use of remote diagnostics via Siemens common Remote Service Platform (cRSP) with connection to the FC20 Sinteso fire alarm system. The cRSP function offered immediate benefits with the ability to respond before, during and post-contract delivery.

We recognised the vital importance when migrating an obsolete asset and relying upon the continual operation to maintain compliance and minimise disruption to the client and operatives. With lifecycle efficiencies via remote services, Bluetooth/clean testing, false alarm guarantees, the system provided a much improved system for the client with a new lifespan of 20 years+.

The project was completed on time, on budget and most importantly without any client disruption.

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  • Client
    Financial Services
  • Value
  • Duration
    12 Months
  • Location
    Canary Wharf