Chiller Installation Project

Our client invited us to negotiate the installation of a new free cooling chiller at their Slough Data Centre via our ongoing framework agreement. The client had replaced their chillers in 2011, streamlining the system to 5nr units but leaving spare capacity for an additional 7nr chillers as demand required. Due to the increasing facility load, it was deemed necessary to add a new chiller to the system to maintain the required resilience.

GroupMetropolitan were engaged on a Design and Build contract to develop the Outline Scheme Design provided by the clients previously appointed design team. Team Design worked alongside Team Mechanical to take the design through to Stage 4, identifying some key risks that needed to be considered with the client.

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Despite the recent replacement of a number of chillers, it was discovered that the site did not have a lifting plan. We employed a specialist lifting contractor to carry out ground scans and develop a lifting strategy that would serve the client for this project and also for any future works, providing detailed plan drawings for crane locations and weight limitations.

Upon approval of the lifting plan, Team Mechanical delivered the new chiller to site for final positioning and connection to the newly installed mechanical and electrical supplies. A thorough testing and commissioning process was developed and agreed with the client throughout the design and construction process, ensuring clarity on witnessing requirements and sign off.

The project was handed over to a very happy client who appreciated our collaborative approach to the project.

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  • Client
    Financial Services
  • Value
  • Duration
    4 Months
  • Location