BMS Replacement

GroupMetropolitan's Team BMS were assigned as principal contractor to deliver a full BMS controls upgrade within a live data centre via an existing framework agreement.

RED Engineering had been engaged by the client in 2017 to survey and provide recommendations to upgrade/replace the BMS System. At the same time, an exercise was undertaken to review the resilience model for the current BMS, and where possible improve the resilience, operation and functionality of the various plant and systems on site.

The BMS system had reached end-of-life (EoL), with recurring failure of BMS devices that were associated to critical systems and maintained environmental conditions for the two data halls. Due to obsolescence of the hardware platform, lack of upgrade path for the current hardware using the same technology, and a worldwide lack of spares, inventory levels of spare parts on site had fallen to critically low levels.

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The site operations team, ISS Engineering, had been increasingly harvesting parts from controllers and control panels on non-critical systems to repair controllers serving critical systems.

The output of the investigations provided a series of recommendations on the upgrade options for the system, and improvements to the systems resilience model. Schnieder’s 731 TAC Xenta controllers were deemed as a business risk and Team BMS were instructed to replace them. An open protocol bacnet solution was developed, that could communicate with the site wide EMS/PMS systems and provides the client with overall control and monitoring of their critical systems.

Throughout the project we carried out vigorous Factory Acceptance Testing, proving points within our new software prior to replacing old systems and commissioning. During the FAT, a test rig was used to connect to a screen showing our new BMS headend graphic. We proved that the software was functioning correctly by simulating failures as part of an in-depth review by the projects commissioning manager before installation. Once installed, each subnet was witnessed back to the client for a site acceptance test and subsequently handed over.

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  • Client
    Financial Services
  • Value
  • Duration
    2 Years
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