ISO14001 Accreditation

We are very proud to announce that as part of our ongoing drive for quality and sustainability, we have recently achieved our ISO14001 certification. This means that alongside our consistent efforts to provide best-in-class quality with ISO9001 accreditation, we now do this with a positive, minimal impact to the environment. 

According to current UK statistics, 70% of office waste is recyclable, however, only 7.5% reaches recycling facilities! This is also just a small proportion of company operations without looking at site-work and industrial operations. 

This new certification provides our clients with confidence that, with Metropolitan as part of their supply-chain, we provide minimal impact to their own environmental levels. 

The qualification process required us to implement a robust EMS (Environmental Management System) which ensures that all parts of the company take a proactive approach to environmental aspects across the business, with clear policies for reducing impact and ensuring legal compliance where required.  

A big “well done” for the team for this landmark achievement. 

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