Employee Ownership Trust

Metropolitan is proud to announce its transfer of ownership to a newly formed Employee Ownership Trust. Being an innovative company and acknowledging the hard work and long-term commitment of all our staff, the current owners have chosen to place them at “front and center” of the future of the business.
A new 5 year strategy has been implemented to further strengthen the business, whilst also ensuring a seamless succession to a new Board of Directors formed from our current senior team. With familiar faces at the helm, there is a clear vision to pilot the company through another 35 years of successful trading.
The current Senior Management Team has been in place for close to 5 years and form the basis of not only the current business structure but that of the business moving forward.
Succession will be seamless, is well underway, and will ensure the business grows in strength whilst continuing to develop with our customer’s needs.

Statement from the existing Board Directors.
There comes a time when young people come of age, achieving a balance of Energy, Knowledge, Dedication, Desire & Ability. For Metropolitan that time is now and we begin its transition into its next stage of ownership, where the employees who have helped build the business, become the business!
Maurice & Rob

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